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Connecting millions of smartphone users together to enable them earn from the massive wealth opportunities available in the telecom and other sectors

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To raise youths and young individuals to become entrepreneurs of the future by collective efforts.

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TDC Mobile Store lets you conveniently pay all your bills online from one fast app. It's easy, fast, swift, transparent and secure. We guarantee you a delightful experience.


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DSTV Payment

Renew your DSTV account and get it activated instantly

Send BulkSMS

Send bulksms to any GSM Number

SME Data

Buy SME Data for all network with instant activation

WAEC Result Checker PIN

Generate WAEC result checker PIN instantly

Auto Insurance

Buy Auto insurance

Buy NECO Result Checker

Buy NECO result checker PIN

Enugu Electricity

Generate EEDC Electric Prepaid Meter Token Instantly or Pay for Postpaid Meter.

Port Harcourt Electric

Generate Port Harcourt Electric Prepaid Meter Token Instantly or Pay for Postpaid Meter.

Ghana Airtime

Buy Ghana Airtime

Ikeja Electric

Generate Ikeja Electric Prepaid Meter Token Instantly or Pay for Postpaid Meter.

Wallet to Bank Transfer

Wallet to bank transfer

Buy Internet Data

Topup your internet Data Directly

Wallet to Wallet Transfer

Transfer WALLET Credit To Another User

Eko Electric

Generate Eko Electric Prepaid Meter Token Instantly. Pay for Postpaid Meter.

GOTV Payment

Renew your GOTV account and get it activated instantly

Ibadan Electric

Generate IBEDC Electric Prepaid Meter Token Instantly or Pay for Postpaid Meter.


Topup all network airtime

VTU Airtime Recharge

Instant Airtime topup for all network

Startimes Payment

Renew your Startimes account and get it activated instantly

Smile Internet

Top up Smile Internet data and Voice account instantly.

Jos Electric

Generate Jos Electric Prepaid Meter Token Instantly or Pay for Postpaid Meter.


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What is Meta Force? Meta Force is a No.1 platform made from interconnected smart contracts for starting and developing blockchain-powered online business. Force operates as a decentralized platform that connects people from all over the world and provides unlimited opportunities. The Force community is made from people from 200+ countries around the globe 💡 What makes Force stand out • 100% Decentralized Force has no owners or management. It has been deployed the first program, Classic, as a smart contract and from that moment runs independently. No one can tamper with it, even the founders and developers, since smart contracts are irreversible by nature. The Force smart contracts regulates the interactions between the users according to the marketing programs. All users are equal, and everyone has the same opportunities to create and develop their online business. There is no CEO or owner who can change the rules and terms of Force ecosystem. The founders are ordinary users who follow the same rules and mechanics as everyone else in the community. • Solid Foundation • Low Risk All transactions are executed peer-to-peer, from one personal wallet to another. There is no need to ‘withdraw’, since there’s nothing to withdraw. The funds are already on the users’ wallets. Nothing can affect the crypto economics of the smart contract. Even if the website crashes or becomes blocked, it won’t stop Force from operating. The website is merely an interface that facilitates the interaction between users. All the transactions are made in the blockchain, and they can never be compromised or canceled. It makes Force absolutely resistant to any interference from third parties, be it malefactors, authorities, or even the founders. • Blockchain So far Force operates on Polygon blockchains, completely Decentralised. • No Fees (except from those required from Blockchain for transactions) All participants are 100% free of commissions and additional fees from the platform. This was realized due to the strict criteria introduced when the platform was created. Every Force participant is considered equal, and there is no segregation into admins, founders, and others. On top of that, the execution of cryptomarketing in blockchain does not depend on banks, payment services, and other third parties. Thus, the community has no internal fees that reduce their profit. Force founders are treated like ordinary participants. • Transparence All the transactions in blockchain are open for everyone willing to check them. You can always see them, therefore, you can always track the incoming and outcoming transactions, both yours and made by any other Force user. Force is a journey for life through enrichments human and financial. It is a whole ecosystem created so that you as everyone else in the world can finally fulfill all your desires. Please study pdf and video of first program released: Classic Pdf https://t.me/MetaForce_EN/21138 And video https://youtu.be/eQc1xoLvZ7M Please comeback for any clarification




Partner with a Nigeria News Update Website and get the privilege of being paid each time you share a post on your facebook or watch videos, view a post on the website, create a post and login to the website. You can start today with a one time registration fee of N3000 and stand d chance to earn over 20k everyday Ask me how”.


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