Drug misuse refers to the use of drugs or prescription medication for alternative purposes from its original prescription, stimulating effects such as mooda alteration or intoxication (Powell, 2011). Drug abuse may be defined as the“ arbitrary” overdependence or misuse of drugs with or without a prior medical

diagnosis from qualified health practitioners (Lakhanpal and Agnihotri, 2007).

 Substances of abuse are categorized as: stimulants, hallucinogens, narcotics,

depressants (sedatives and tranquilizers) cannabis, inhalants and anabolic

steroids (Bassiet al., 2017).

The most commonly abused cough syrups are those containing Codeine. Codeine is

an opiate used for its analgesic, antitussive and antidiarrheal properties,

acting centrally to elicit its pharmacological effects (Uthmanet al., 2016).

Despite its clinical benefits, dependence on codeine when it is abused or

misused is a potential problem,according to Lawan and Adie (2012),“the abuse of

cough syrups in Nigeria,especially among women of youthful and adult age is

quietlys like wild fire.” Addiction to codeine syrup is turning the otherwise conservative girls and women of the north into social miscreants and rebellioush  It is increasingly becoming common to see girls and women.

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