- Introducing TDC

- Business Authenticity

- Categories of Partners

- Mega benefits of registered members

- Signing up

- Our secret

- Steps to true financial freedom in TDC

- The compensation plan (Benefits you get when you start TDC)

- Comprehensive TDC earning summary

- How to qualify for the N100,000 incentive and earn in millions in TDC

- Expectations

- getting started

- How to fund your account

- How to do airtime to cash transactions

- How to withdraw your commission to wallet then to bank

- Bils payment

- How to upload on the E library

- How to get downliners

- How to register persons

- Various packages and why you need to upgrade

- Conclusion



First, Congratulations on making this decision to join TDC!, If you haven't, then you're missing a whole lot!


This book contains all you need to know about TDC and how to make the best of it, so, read every single word

I’m proud of you for taking charge of your life. From now on, sure, things are going to be different for you

Let's ride on