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1 ) Horror

The Tall Woman 👻👻👻 At the girls hostel back then in school there is an old woman, probably she died in the 1960s or before that. She had a very long and black hair ,some saw her hair as white ;while the rest saw it as black. But she had the same resemblance , she was slender and very tall ,the most beautiful woman you have ever seen,dark in complexion . She always wear a golden saree which shone bright at night. The saree was from her left hand  going down and it went round her waist stopping at her laps or knee length.   She is usually seen standing or sitting on the toilet roof of the girls hostel at night.  She stood in th .........Continue Reading

2 ) JURY (The connexion trilogy#1)

A mock trial brings part of Taylor's past to light. Mike and the girls have their parts to play whether they like it or not. Preparations by the council were in order to get them ready for what's coming. Will they be? .........Continue Reading