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for NCE, OND, HND, BSc, PGD, MSc, MBA & PhD

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1 ) TDC Orientation package Vol 2

Contents - Introducing TDC - Business Authenticity - Categories of Partners - Mega benefits of registered members - Signing up - Our secret - Steps to true financial freedom in TDC - The compensation plan (Benefits you get when you start TDC) - Comprehensive TDC earning summary - How to qualify for the N100,000 incentive and earn in millions in TDC - Expectations - getting started - How to fund your account - How to do airtime to cash transactions - How to withdraw your commission to wallet then to bank - Bils payment - How to upload on the E library - How to get downliners - How to register persons - Various packages and why you ne .........Continue Reading

2 ) How to create PayPal account

How to create PayPal account to receive and send money from outside the country. And facilitate your business .........Continue Reading